Knowledge Management Techniques

Auditing Knowledge Knowledge audits help organizations identify their knowledge-based assets and develop strategies to manage them.

5 sblm 1 – Lima Kesedihan Sebelum Nafas Terakhir

reedzTroduction Seriously dah byk kali aku cuba type last post aku ni dlm bahasa + cara aku bercakap bila aku jadi diri sendiri (be myself). Tapi mmg x pernah berjaya. Susah gila.. Susah sampai bleh buat aku "naik gila". Dan bila aku dah naik gila.. akan tggl dua rasa jer dlm kepala otak aku masa…

Extreme Project Management in Telco Industry

Managing projects in the Telco Industry requires ability and excellent knowledge of project management. Project Managers have to manage and control work execution while wave rolling planning projects, analyzing new constraints and requirements, compressing time and costs. Team management is time consuming and efficient communication between distributed stakeholders is required.

??? Healthy-Life ??? – I don’t feel like it. How could I motivate myself?

I am more interested in listening to your psychological tips than practical ones. I know what's better for me; I just can't seem to get myself to do it.