I’ve used to have a great job reputation in my career. That might be “the only thing I’m good at”. I do not seem to appreciate basic self-care (such as nutritious sleep and food), especially during “busy time.” (and the best part is, “I’m always busy”).

Do you have any tips for doing so anyway? I often end up staying up late, not preparing healthy meals, instead of doing what I know would support my well-being more fully. I’m sad about that and ready for something else.

I am more interested in listening to your psychological tips than practical ones. I know what’s better for me; I just can’t seem to get myself to do it. What mindset could I adopt that would motivate me to put in the time and care that I know would feel better?

I’m really curious about the mindset of people who take a good care of themselves – and why?

Previously, I’ve work all the time and spend a lot of time taking care of other people problems (colleagues, subordinates and others related to my work) so by the time I get to myself, it just feels like one more thing I need to do. It’s tiring… 

I am a deep thinker in feeling the feelings. Sometimes I’ve try to avoid my own feelings, but sometimes I force myself to feel what other people feel. Forcing myself to the “world” better and when the going gets tough the tough get going. And now, I really don’t know what to do? How to do? Can I do?

Should I … ? 


3 thoughts on “??? Healthy-Life ??? – I don’t feel like it. How could I motivate myself?

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